HD Walls Launches Trend Setter Studio Products - RAF Magazine July 2019 Issue


An Architectural Touch to Design
All of the designs in the collections of Trendsetter Studio, produced in Italy, are special designs with architectural touch that have arisen after a long labor. The collections are named after the famous architects around the world that are still active or were active in the past. Geometric designs that are inspired by optical illusion and modernist structures, gentle floral patterns and soft, plain textures are ever present in Trendsetter Studios' collections. Each design, texture and color in the collections are created neatly.

Special Wallpaper Types
Although most of the paper types in Trendsetter collections are in non-woven, there are special wallpaper types in some of the collections like water hyacinth bark, thick veneer, high-dense acabus and etc. Trendsetter Collections are distributed by HD Group in Turkey.