More Info VEILISH - Stylish Privacy Veil For Glass And Window Decoration 05/08/2021 Fabric Feel on Glass SurfacesVeilish is a self-adhesive, fabric-like woven polyester glass cover applied to glass surfaces. It is also possible to print digitally on Veilish, which has white, rose-grey, stone-grey and black colors as the main colors. Veilish, which can be digitally printed in all colors, complements the digital prints on the walls, and provides many areas of use in shop windows, offices, residences, and general areas of hotels. Print quality is very high in digitally printed Veilish. All high resolution images can be used in digital printing.Technical features
Veilish is a semi-transparent product. When you apply it on a glass surface, the visibility of the interior side of the glass drops to 50 %. Veilish, which creates a warm feel on glass surfaces thanks to it’s fabric texture. . The products are resistant to ultraviolet rays, do not contain PVC and reduce the temperature of the interior by 1 to 1,5 degrees of celcius where it is applied. Veilish in White color reduces the temperature of the interior by 3.3 degrees specifically. Therefore, it can be applied to the ceilings of the greenhouses and the trapezoidal windows of the villas and duplex houses instead of roller blinds so it’s smoother and has the same features of a roller blind.Cleaning, Usage, Application Details Veilish, which offers different possibilities of use on many surfaces, can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Veilish, which is applied like foils can be applied directly to the glass surface by opening the back adhesive without the need to wet the material. The joints of the product are overlapped, and the joints are invisible when applied correctly. The width of the products is 137 cm and they are being cut and sold in meters according to the requested quantity.